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I was a chatty child in elementary school, and my 2nd grade teacher at Stewart Elementary Mrs. Hudson tried everything to keep me quiet. One day, she asked me to sit in a desk in the hallway. She presented me with a stack of papers, and on each paper was an outline of an animal. The interior of the animal was filled with words like spot, curve, promise, heavy, sink, bow, tear, rattle, etc. Her instructions were simple: write a story or song outside of the animal using these words. I accepted the challenge, and thirty years later, I still see words inside of animals. 

As the first person in my family to attend college, my father was at once thrilled by the achievement and also frustrated that upon graduation my plans were to enroll in the University of Arkansas’ MFA program for Creative Writing with an emphasis on poetry.  “What can you do with a degree in poems?” he lamented. “You’ll end up writing greeting cards!”  I wish.  Instead, I started working for an emerging online educational service where I held the titles of Editor, Writer, and later Creative Director and where my team built animations, videos, and simulations to increase student engagement.  I wrote an unfinished audiobook called The Dead Groupies, (Look, it's written, just not recorded). During the pandemic, I started writing flash fiction, 1000 words at a time, and I continue to write, and, every so often, publish.  

I've been (and continue to be as the situation demands) a writer, a creative director, an advice columnist, a satirist, a producer, a podcaster, a photographer, and a poet. If it can be written, chances are, I've written it and had it published or produced. Please check out my portfolio and publication history while you're here and you’ll find a few animations and live action videos I've written, produced, and voiced.

If you want to know the man behind the country legend, there are links to my Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages, but this site is mostly dedicated to showing off the professional work I’ve done in the past and the work I’m doing presently.

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